My Journey
To Spiritiality & Happiness

Anila was born in Mumbai to a family who deeply values culture, rituals, and religious beliefs. Mindset changing from the existing set principles was certainly a great challenge to her. Being the youngest of 6 children, it was a great responsibility of her parents to manage the children alongside the grocery shop. Although Education was not a priority during the hardship days, however Anila was given the best education with an admission to a recognized school for her better future.

She has always been a fighter & wanted to lead a life of her own without any impositions. She very convincingly managed the expectations of her family and was successful to follow the life that she always wanted, i.e. to help others. All throughout, she always felt that there was more to her life than this. She struggled hard but could not find what she was looking for. Deep angst, sorrow and a sense of resignation pushed her to find meaning, joy & glory.

flow with grace

About Anila Gada

An Energy Transformation expert, ambassador of positivity and wellness, Anila Gada is a Licensed Access Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator, Heal Your Life coach with hands on experience in Healing and bringing positive transformations to people’s life. She has been inviting people to embrace their true greatness. She helps people release the life blockages in order to re-live a healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.

Having her gone through ups and downs around relationships, health, finance, etc., Anila knows exactly what it feels like to be trapped in situations that don't seem to be working and not know how to get out of the mess.

At an early age of 18, destiny blessed her to the world of Pranic Healing. It was more than a magic that happened to her life. With facilitators like Master ChoaKok Sui, Anila was able to learn many courses and started contributing to people's life by positive Healing.

With so much of grace flowing from all the direction from past 2 decades, she started to bring it to life as: Flow with Grace. With all the learned information, experience using new modalities she started healing people in a much better way.

She has complete faith in the universe and has surrendered herself to her spiritual master. Everything is possible and that she is experiencing it in all the areas of her life. Her vision is to serve the universe and contribute to the betterment with ease, joy and glory. so be it.

Another life changing incident happened when she met spiritual leader, scholar of Jainism, author and orator Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai. He advised her to better use her hands for healing, heart to love and head for knowledge.

Her journey towards Healing became more positive when she was blessed with her 1st daughter after her marriage. Unfortunately she was born with congenital heart disorder. Doctors advised that the ailment cannot be treated & she will only survive for few years. It is then that she engaged herself into learning a lot of alternate therapies to make her daughter comfortable. Surprisingly, it did help her at all the levels, alongside medical support. As Anila moved ahead in life, she was again blessed with 2 more healthy daughters. But her cause of worry was always improving her daughter’s health. With her dedication towards healing, there has been significant improvement on her daughter's health, even doctors were amazed. With the awareness & thereafter several requests she extended her services to the people in need. She started healing children, adults & continued to reach people.

During learning of Pranic Healing, her spiritual leader inspired and encouraged me to refer a book 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay. She read the book and applied the learned principles with her daughter. She used to do her affirmations on a regular basis and I could see her benefiting greatly from it. Later during 2014, it was her daughter who insisted her to extend the services to others in need & she couldn’t agree for more. But unfortunately, over the period of time her daughter's health started getting detoriated, was bed ridden and suffered a lot of pain with swellings all over her body. However inspite of this situation, Anila & her daughter never missed the affirmations. It is through our commitment, I was able to bring her to normalcy in a month’s time.

Over the subsequent phases of her life during 2014, Anila was introduced to another magician, Dr. Ashish Naryankar. He listened to her story and encouraged her to learn Access Consciousness which would contribute to her better. Without any further delay, she started to apply the tools through Basic and foundation in access consciousness. But unfortunately, fortune had something else. On January 2015, she had her last breath.

It was her daughter's sheer vision to let Anila spread her healing power to the people in need. She then very consciously made a promise to her to spread light and love to others. She stayed strong & put every effort to bring her daughter's dream to reality at the earliest. It was on the 10th day that she opened her computer and immediately registered herself with Heal Your Life & without any further delay she participated for the training workshops in Delhi.