Therapy Center

Therapy Center

Flow with Grace House is committed to helping you find an experienced therapist who can listen to you & support you along your path to wholeness and health with care.

We are aware that life throws various challenges which you will be able to cope up alone & for others you need a guiding or helping hand. We believe it can be helpful at these times to consult with a professional; someone trained to guide others through difficult and often traumatic life circumstances.

The therapy session is based on energy healing with completely no pain.

We treat:

• ADHD • Dyslexia
• Depression • Abusement
• Relationship Issues • Physical Ailments
• Counseling • Anxiety Disorder
• Phobias • Mood Disorders
• Parenting • Socialization Issues
• Conduct Disorders • Self Esteem Issues
• Bereavement • Family Difficulties
• Couples Issues • Fear & Trauma

We treat through:

• Individual Psychotherapy
• Couples Psychotherapy
• Family Psychotherapy
• Group Psychotherapy


About the Therapist:

Anila has her complete faith in the Universe and has surrendered herself to her spiritual master. Everything is possible and that she is experiencing it is all aspects of her life. Her vision is to serve the Universe and contribute to the betterment with ease, joy & glory…so be it.

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