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The Mentorship programme aims at understanding the power of child mind in order to prepare him/her to cross the river of life to change and create new personality. In this lesson you will learn Anila explain the newest in neuro science in facing change in child’s life. Child will discover the secret to spontaneous remission, understand the cycle of thinking and feeling and learn how to major transformation by using specific technique.

The 3 brains and how they work the unison manifest your reality.

  • Stimulation of left and right brain: Cell regeneration, developing new cells is by realizing the old stuck the past.
  • Creating a new model of choice of possibilities: Who do you no longer wish to be? This lesson is all about imprinting in the field of possibilities and breaking free of the past conditioning. Anila will take you to the process and will explain why you have the ability to truly change.

The science of changing your mind to positive transformations. Your child will be able to design his/ her destiny and become a true magnet to attract your new life; will be able to surrender to present moment, self healing and soul wakening.

Benefits of this programme will be:

  • Break free from your old habits.
  • Using your 3 brains.
  • Liberate your true energy.
  • If your child bullied and abused emotionally, mentally, verbally, physically and sexually. This programme will help your child to control & come out from the mental & physical trauma of your child.
  • How to be more focus in planning scheduling the day routine with ease.
  • Improving relationship with parents, sibling, friends and near ones and whole universe.
  • Understanding the purpose of life and making targets and goals to archive with choice of possibilities.
  • Increasing the energy levels and balancing their emotions with their right choice.
  • Opening up and how to express their emotions creatively.

 What is the program all about?

  • Understand the science behind your thoughts and how your thoughts create a reality.
  • Learn how to live in the state of creation to bring about the life you dream.
  • Break unwanted emotional, reaction and patterns.
  • Unlearned negative habits and emotions.
  • Surrender yourself to the different higher forces of life in order to open yourself to positive opportunities.
  • Learn to send out new magnetic changes to attract what you want.
  • Access your subconscious mind to change your brain wave patterns.
  • Learn the ways to rewrite your brain to create a new personality are new personal reality.
  • Discover a method of meditation to specifically access your subconscious mind for healing and creating the reality you desire.

The Mentorship programme is a five days program in which trainee attending the program has to go 2 days of self purification, realizing the past and creating the new and three whole day of training programmer with manuals.

Who all can attend this class?

  • Teachers
  • Special Educators.
  • Who all wish to contribute to child’s life by taking workshop
  • Doctors
  • Therapist
  • Social workers.
  • Of course Parents can do for better child development.
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  • Duration :
     5 Days
  • Skill Level :
     All Levels
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